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MICRALOX® Accelerated Corrosion Testing Update: (2) Marine Accelerated Life Test (MALT) Experiments

BACKGROUND When two dissimilar metals are directly contacting and immersing in conducting, corrosive solutions, it can lead to the accelerated corrosion of one metal and protection of the other more noble metal.   The more noble metal will become the cathode … Continue reading

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The Spectrum of Integral and Non-integral Colors in Different Hard Anodizing Processes

By Leonid M. Lerner,  Sanford Process Corporation Hard Anodizing Processes Aluminum Hard Anodizing Industry today comprises a number of different hard anodizing processes starting with the High-Voltage (HV) DC processes and ending with diversity of Low-Voltage (LV) processes. Some Low … Continue reading

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Do you think your wife knows everything?

Maybe not.  My wife doesn’t know. Watch this video.

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Group Behavior in Elevator

People can be really funny sometimes due to group pressure.

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2010 D-CHN Cook Outing

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A Parametric Study of PTFE Coating Process in Anodized Aluminum

ABSTRACT A study using an experimental design of dispersion coating with PTFE ambient cured process is presented.  The effects of five major process parameters of the coating, i.e. polymer concentration, dip coating time, presence of immersion rinsing, spray rinsing, and … Continue reading

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