D-CHN and our sister company Precision Coating Company ( set off for Dusseldorf, Germany in November to take part in the MEDICA show.  Up to this year, attending this huge gathering of the global medical products companies seemed – well, beyond us and too big a stretch.

With the launch of MICRALOX, a patented, micro-crystalline aluminum oxide that revolutionizes corrosion and steam resistance, we had a story this year that easily translated into all the languages spoken at MEDICA.  In part, this is due to the fact that concerns about prion diseases in Europe haves caused a general trend is to use higher pH, and thus more severe, detergents to clean reusable medical equipment.  Conventional anodizing and hard coat does not perform up to expectations in these conditions, however, people want to use aluminum for all of its excellent properties.  The MICRALOX message was well received.  Consequently, preliminary discussions to license the technology into the European market have started.  MEDICA was the first international show – now the schedule will take us, and MICRALOX, even further beyond.

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Chemical Engineer
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