Why Does Anodizing Leave Rack Marks?

Aluminum Anodizing Process: Techniques for Minimizing Rack Marks
– Jack Tetrault, President of Sanford Process Company

Woonsocket, RI (December 6, 2013)

As a service provider of aluminum anodizing, we are often asked the question, “Can you anodize an aluminum part without leaving a rack mark?” The simple answer is no – but you may have more choices than you can imagine that will help make the marks unobjectionable. The new post by Jack Tetrault, President of Sanford Process Company explores why rack marks are inherent to the aluminum anodizing process for both Anodizing (Type II) and Hard Coat Anodizing (Type III), your choices in deciding where to rack the parts, and what directions to give to your anodizer to help produce the best result.

Racking serves two functions:

1) It provides a way to physically hold the part.
2) It is the means by which electrical current enters the part.

Better understanding of the best practices in racking, not only helps in minimizing rack marks, but ultimately affects the anodized finish quality. To read the detailed blog post, please visit – Sanford Process Blog

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President of Duralectra-CHN
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