Having Anodizing Issues with Aluminum Castings?

Insights to Anodizing Solutions For Die-Casting Aluminum Alloys – Jack Tetrault, President of Sanford Process Co. 

Woonsocket, RI (February 4, 2014)

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Die-Casting Part Anodized by Sanford Process.

A recent correspondence I received related to difficulties with hard anodizing a cast aluminum product. The cast part was receiving a black hardcoat anodic coating. The company was experiencing several consistent problems trying to finish this part, and none of their regular vendors could solve the problem.

First, the part needed to be finished with an intense black color with no un-anodized spots or discolorations. Second, the product had to be capable of passing MIL 8625 Type III salt spray specifications for hardcoat anodize that are normally expected of wrought alloys.Lastly, the product had to be finished economically.

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Die-Casting Part Anodized by Sanford Process.

After reviewing the criteria and possible solutions, DCHN, along with its sister company Sanford Process Corporation, was able to engineer a process that enabled the customer to meet its company’s specification without costly additional steps like impregnation. Sanford Process Plus® Low Voltage rectification process along with a “secret ingredient” solved the problem.

“The Sanford Corporation PLUS® and the “secret ingredient” enabled us to create an oxide film of nearly flawless character,” according to a DCHN process engineer. This coating offered the perfect solution to achieve a deep black color and meet the salt spray resistant requirements demanded by the end user. Because the process had only a few added steps, the additional cost was kept to a minimum.

The lack of a capable process that caused the customer missed deliveries, sub-par quality, and significant lost dollars in returns, wasted time, and scrapped parts were all eliminated by the DCHN and Sanford Process technical staff.

When it comes to castings, we have “solutions”. If you would like to schedule a 15 minute engineering review, please submit your request at ENGINEERING REVIEW.

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President of Duralectra-CHN
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