Marine: Corrosion Resistance in a Challenging Environment

How to protect Aluminum Boats from Salt Water Corrosion – By Tim Cabot, President of DCHN

Salt water marine is considered to be one of the toughest environments for aluminum, as salt-water and galvanic conditions are a perfect recipe for rapid corrosion.

Given our long history with manufacturers of military, commercial and yachting hardware due to our location in Rhode Island, DCHN is an excellent and long-standing provider of both conventional and proprietary anodic and conversion coatings suitable for marine applications.

Due to the unparalleled control of our process lines and use of certified and independent testing facilities, DCHN can provide Mil-A-8625 Type II and Type III anodic coatings that reliably meet MIL spec salt water spray corrosion specifications. DCHN offers a broad range of dye coloring and sealing techniques to meet your specific needs.

MICRALOX, Salt Water Corrosion, Corrosion Protection

For superior salt water spray resistance, DCHN provides MICRALOX® partially crystalline anodic coatings that have gone over 15,000 hours at an outside lab without showing evidence of corrosion.   (Download our white paper on Microcrystalline Anodic Aluminum Oxide Coatings: A Revolutionary Basis Technology for Corrosion Protection) In addition, MICRALOX® has unsurpassed hard coat performance, does not use heavy metals, and is RoHs compliant. Apart from the anodic coating, DCHN is able to carry out very detailed hand masking accurately and economically using both clear and yellow chromate conversion coatings in conjunction with anodic coatings or on their own.  It also offers a range of printing and marking services, including SANFORD PRINT, conventional screen printing, and laser marking.

Whether you are producing a rail, block, hydraulics, travelers, electronic casing, or other marine hardware, DCHN has an anodic and/or conversion coating that meets your needs.

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President of Duralectra-CHN
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